Why is it so powerful when we collaborate and draw near to God together?

The Church began in prayer: “They all joined together constantly in prayer (Acts 1:14)”.

Our confidence is in God, and we are relying on Him. 24-7 prayer is an opportunity to unite and seek God together. Continuous prayer becomes a reality as people take individual time slots. You can pray alone, with family, or friends from any location.

24-7 prayer can form within a church, with multiple churches participating, or as a citywide prayer movement. 24-7 prayer groups are increasing around the world for such a time as this. Prayer precedes awakening in the Bible and throughout history.

The story of two families and 24-7 prayer

Other ways you can pray are through Fasting Tuesdays and January Fasting, both designed to draw you closer to God through fasting and prayer.